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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  May 5, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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taxpayer resources. >> the kidnapping of hundreds of children is unconscionable crime. >> officially claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of more than 200 nigerian school girls they oppose western education, especially for women. >> a horrifying accident at the circus in rhode island. 15 to 25 people were injured when the platform gave way. >> that was absolutely horrific. oh, my gosh. >> i'm feeling sorry, believe it or not for the speaker of the house as well. these days the house republicans actually give john boehner a harder time than they give me, which means orange really is the new black. >> first up, benghazi, benghazi, benghazi, even after 13 congressional hearings and independent review, is the scandal house republicans can't
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get enough of. now they formed a new house select committee to look into the incident effort led by house speaker john boehner with the committee itself to be led by tray. outrage from a e-mail from ben rhodes to susan rice, pretty standard messaging e-mail ahead of talk show appearances which suggest she emphasize the protest across the current were linked to the anti-viral muslim video enraging people, which are the focus of that e-mail. yesterday california congressman adam shif proposed a democratic boycott of further benghazi proceedings and both sides of the aisle have serious misgivings about plik sizing this. >> there's no conspiracy here at all. >> anybody who plays politics
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with ben gazdy will get burned. if our democratic friends are shielding the administration and trying to protect them and if the administration tried to protect themselves, their re-election because they couldn't stand the truth about benghazi, then they'll get burned. >> look, the deaths of four americans on september 11th, 2012 was real. very, very real. and the vulnerability of our embassies and failure to shore up the vulnerabilities are real. but is the scandal real or is it just a distraction from those real issues? joining me now from washington is that congressman behind the boycott, adam schiff. peter king directly responded to your call on fox. take a listen to that first. >> i have great regard for adam schiff, i think he's entirely wrong if they refuse to take part, the american people will conclude and i think quite rightly that they feel they have
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something to hide and cannot defend the administration. >> your response to congressman king? >> well, you know, peter king is a friend of mine as well and we disagree about this. whether the democrats participate in the committee or don't, the reality is it is going to be a colossal waste of taxpayer money and even worse, it's going to divert us from the focus we ought to have, bringing the people to justice. all of this is lost in this effort to find this conspiracy to somehow embarrass the white house, that we still have a lot of work to do to bring the people to justice, the actual killers of american citizens so i think it's a terrible distraction any way you slice it and i'd like to see us get back to the right focus to bringing people to focus but not lose sight of what the country wants us to work on and that is creating jobs and improving the economy and raising wages. i have to conclude, ronan, that they feel with enrollment numbers up with the affordable care act, with the economy now
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starting to finally pick up, that they've got to go back to their old tried and true red herring on benghazi. >> i think there are elements of the right wing that have sincere concerns about this but they are as you say a distraction from the real issue. one of the real issues that troubles me most, there are underlying questions about how we secure our american workers around the world. the independent review board commissioned by the government to investigate the attack found security at the benghazi compound was really quote, grossly inadequate and really highlighted the security issue. whose fault was it that the security was so insufficient at that outpost? >> i think shared responsibility for why there wasn't greater security not only at that outpost but other of our facilities around the world. it's a responsibility by the way that's shared by the congress because the administration has off ten asked for more money for security than the current majority has been willing to provide. there's plenty of blame to go around on that and ronan, i
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think you're absolutely right. this is the other area where we have lost focus in addition to bringing the people to justice and that is where are we on implementing the recommendations of that bipartisan accountability review board. the fact is we're making great progress in implementing those recommendations and i would certainly support hearing to see how that is going -- >> let's talk about the recommendations a little. i share that frustration that that is almost lost in the debate what needs to be done to prevent this from happening again. there was an issue whether or not there was enough resources. there's a republican element that is strident about saying too little resources, too few resources was not the issue. what do you say to those who say it wasn't the case? >> really, it obviously is a resource issue to some degree when you have the administration asking for hundreds and millions more to protect our facility than the congress will give
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them. at the same time, there may be particular vulnerabilities at specific facilities and that may be the case in benghazi. i think one of the terrible tragedies here is that ambassador stevens loved the libyan people and loved serving there and wanted to be close to the people. i think he would be mortgage fied to see what has gone on in his name ever since. and the challenge we have quite plainly in this arena, we don't want diplomats to live in bunkers, we want them to be safe as possible but they need to be able to interact with local populations or can't be effective and find that balance is a great policy issue. and one we should be discussing and debating but it has been lost in all of this. >> it's a great challenge all around the world. i worked with chris stevens and he's someone who wanted to be out amongst the people. on this question of resources, you mentioned hillary clinton was one of the individuals who went to the hill again and again and asked for more money for embassy security and rebuffed by
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congress. in 2011 one year before the attack warned that cuts to embassy spending would detrimental to america's national security. i actually covered this issue for atlantic and couple of columns and one of the things i found in 2011 house republicans cut $128 million from the administration's request for embassy security funding. that laid the foundation. do you think they erred in cutting resources at that time. >> you're right, secretary clinton is outspoken on the need for resources and to avoid exactly what we saw took place. you know, you can't have that kind of a massive under investment in security and not expect it to be a problem somewhere. now the question is can you predict exactly where it will be a problem? of course you can't. but plainly when you under fund to that degree it's going to have consequences.
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>> this is something both sides of the aisle have been responsible for. in 2010 democrats cut $142 million from the security request just the year before that. this is really a back and forth and seems like in my view if you look at the history, both democrats and republicans are guilt guilty of this, spend less around the world and it leads up to these tragedies. do democrats deserve some of the blame? >> i think there's plenty of responsibility to go around. you have to look at the particular year you're talking about. often what happens in the appropriation process is if money is allocated one year and it can't be fully utilized because the plans for particular embassy aren't as far long as anticipated, then the subsequent year there may be not the same requirement for the same level of funding because you have those pent up unused resources. i don't know i can answer any specific year but i can say that i think congress and its a shared responsibility among the parties has needed to make a
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better investment and embassy security and unfortunately as a result of the lack of that investment, we have these problems. >> and it's something i've seen firsthand at the lost of the most sensitive posts in the world. and you mentioned where we can spend resources we have, one of the big short falls is how we allow resources to be allocated to temporary posts like the post in benghazi, even if it was in fact a covert post. apparently standard building funds weren't able to be used there. one of the recommendations from the oversight board is there be more flexibility about where the funds could be applied. do you have see any push to implement that recommendation and get the money to americans that need protection at posts like this. >> i would love to see that happen, ronan, it's going to be a challenge because there's often resistance within the gop majority forgiving me branch of the administration flexibility to use resources as the
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administration may see necessary. giving the state department that kind of flexibility to move quickly, that may be tough to come by and frankly that would be a far more productive path of investigation inquiry for us on the hill than yet another investigation of a conspiracy theory on benghazi. but you're right, that would be very useful. there were a dozen recommendations by the accountability review board that we ought to be investigating and see how we're pursuing on them and where the shortcomings are. i wouldn't be surprised if most of the short comings we end up concluding are within the congress itself. >> that is exactly it. it takes more effort and doesn't win as many cheap political points, but could save lives. thank you for your work on this. >> you bet. >> nigerian islamists kidnap over 300 school girls who they believe shouldn't be he had indicated. who in this sad story really
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we're back with developing news, peter alexander is reporting that u.s. officials will travel to nigeria in the next several days as boko haram claims responsibility for the kidnapping of more than 300 nigerian school girls that outraged so many of us around the world. terror group's leader says i abducted your girls and i will sell them in the market by allah. some have reportedly already been sold into marriage as little as $12. these are their names scrolling on the screen right here. 276 are still in captivity. their fate hanging in the balance. each of these girls is a
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daughter whose parents are desperate for their safe return home. >> they are not doing up to now. they are promising us that these girls will be found but up to this moment i'm talking, nothing has been done. >> not with me at the moment, my parents have left, we are crying at home. >> over the weekend a call to action across the washington to new york to london, protesters demanding the government do more to find these missing girls. nigeria's president appealed for international help in the first public about the kidnappers but nigeria has not asked for assistance beyond intelligence. >> we're talking to all that we believe will be very helpful to us, u.s. is number one and to discuss with president obama at least two times. >> let me be clear, the
10:16 am
kidnapping of hundreds of children by boko haram is an unconscionable crime and we will do everything to support to support the nigerian government to return these young women to their homes. >> samuele bon no of the leadership council. do you think the u.s. government is doing enough on this issue? >> tell you what, ronan, the united states government is doing as much as it can but one of the things that groups such as nigerian american leadership council tried to do in the past is be able to an interface between the two governments to policy advisories as us institution with strong ties in nigeria. we're monitoring this situation. if we're called upon by the government, other angles are not governmental that a council can
10:17 am
profile as potential ways of solving this problem because it's huge. >> what are the risks if the u.s. gets more involved in any of those ways? >> it's not going to be a real risk because the matters of this nature now require international collaboration. there's kind of a safe haven within the areas of the border between nigeria and cameroon where the terrorists fought with impunity and those governments may think it's nigeria's problem but just today there are reports from the ground indicating that they are went into cameroon and killed some guards. right now all sources on all forces have to convert. but nigeria needs international help with the cover of the united states and other countries in europe to be able to influence on neighboring
10:18 am
countries to converge on this matter. >> boko har am is armed and capable of attacks. international effort may be what's needed to stop that. let's talk about their agenda. boko haram means western education is a sin if you translate it. i've seen these places where the backlash to girls education is so extreme. it's a deeply held cultural value. how do you change that? >> it is something that is certainly changeable because boko haram, the leaders are not true muslims in the nigerian sense, operating on the fringes and terrorists that have now sought to use this, perhaps of a little bit of a political angle to it also. true muslims in nigeria have gotten along with other religions through the years. but right now the government has
10:19 am
to rereally define the message well where they can be classified as to what they truly are. we want to see leaders of north nigeria and society groups all come together, very influential would like to see them come together and give a common statement which has not happened so far. it's a challenge because if he doesn't happen, boko haram has sympathy and maybe some folks that are -- that are not finding what they are doing totally distasteful. >> we'll see if this upcoming trip by u.s. officials helps to isolate that group. up next, the supreme court weighs in on prayers ahead of government meetings. will you be surprised by who voted which way? no, you will not. stay with us. awesome, amazing, that's epic, bro. whatever happened to good? good is choosing not to overshoot the moon,
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so today we not only celebrate but we observe the ruling of the court by opening -- >> that was the scene a few minutes ago outside the supreme court, a pastor involved in a new york case praying habded down by justices this morning. welcome back, today the supreme court ruled on one and declined to take up the other. on the one hand they upheld the centuries old tradition of prayer at government meetings. on other hand it refused to wade into the guns debate in what could have been the most significant ruling on guns in decades. joining me from the supreme court is justice correspondent pete williams. good to see you. tell us about the significance of these two rulings -- the one ruling and failure on the other. >> reporter: on prayer ruling the court upheld the practice of greece new york which opened its town board meetings with a predominantly christian prayer.
10:24 am
the issue wasn't so much you could open the government meeting with a prayer but when those prayers are almost always christian, does that endorse the christian religion as two women who sue claimed and the supreme court said no. you have to look at this against the long history, same founders who wrote the first amendment had the first chaplain doing prayers in congress and they said as long as prayers don't cross a line into coercion or pros tiesing or criticizing nonbelievers than the government can't be in business of sensoring which are acceptable. justice kennedy said it's almost impossible to sand off the rough edges much a prayer and make it acceptable to everyone given how many different beliefs and how seriously they are held by people -- >> that's not what they've held on school prayers. why is that different? >> they said that's a different situation, in the school prayer context the children are in
10:25 am
essence coerced and can't leave as they can in a town board meeting. the women who sued claim because they have business before the town board they are in essence a captive audience and if they don't pray they'll look bad in the eyes of the town council. the court rejected that, you can come late and stand there and not prayer and nobody will think twice about that or you can leave and come back, something you can't do in school. >> totally different setting. >> they declined to take up the challenge to the new jersey gun law. why is that? >> the court's job is to decline noestly bear in mind. >> the court's job is to take splits in the sir kits and this is a hot issue dividing the lower courts in both the state and federal courts. here's the issue. what is your right to have a gun outside the home in 2008 the supreme court said you have a right to have a hand gun at home for self-defense and lower courts are all over the place on whether you can carry one outside the home. they rejected those several
10:26 am
challenges, latest came from new jersey which is very strict and very limited in who can get a permit. this was a challenge brought by a man who services and restocks atms and carries lots of cash. he wanted a gun and couldn't get it. this is the third or fourth time they turned one of these cases down. i don't know what they are waiting for. i guess we have to wait longer. >> thank you so much, pete. >> now that story is getting a lot of attentioned to but we're going to kick off this week's underreported competition and we want to hear what you think needs to be on the radar more. send us your thoughts on twitter and facebook and we'll collect that info throughout the week and reveal the winner on friday's shoet. last week's winner will be featured here this week. stay tuned for that. >> stay tuned straight ahead. what you can get done to try to make the house republicans get something done on the critical issue of immigration reform. stay with us. ♪
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welcome back, new numbers out show rough waters ahead for the democrats in midterms, a usa today pugh poll says republicans have the biggest advantage in two decades. voters shifting from supporting democrats over last six months and number of democrats voting in support of the president's record have fallen 16 points. joining me now for a prognosis sis is wes moore, executive of the new pbs series called coming back and crystal ball who ran as a democrat during the 2010 midterms and co-host of "the cycle." i'll start with you. what's your prognosis sis for tea party candidates in the upcoming race. tomorrow there's going to be a competition for the senate seat between a very established
10:31 am
candidate and tea party up and comer. do you think the tea partyiers will prevail? >> the establishment republicans quote/unquote sort of figured out the secret sauce for become the tea party themselves. the establishment candidate we're talking about in north carolina is tom till is, this is not a moderate guy. this is a guy who is at the helm of the house in north carolina while they took an extreme turn to the right for which they face a humg backlash these are hardly centrist -- >> they are fighting fire with fire? >> embraced tea party positions and that allows them with more success against other tea party candidates. >> moderate republicans are frustrated with that people like john mccain, we'll see how that plays out. looking at president obama and his effect on the elections,
10:32 am
despite lagging numbers ez doing better than george w. bush is doing at the same point in his second term. at that point he was nine points lower than the current president. with two years left, do you think he risks falling further and do you think that risks being detrimental to candidates? >> i think the risk of falling lower is not only definitely there. even when you're in the same water as to where president bush was during this second term is not necessarily great water because in 2008 the election of democrats versus republicans -- >> and george w. bush plummeted after that. >> one thing the president has to do and alluded to at the white house correspondents dinner, 2013 wasn't a great year for him nor for the party. 2014 cannot be another repeat of 2013. people have to feel like there is real momentum and real direction that people are moving towards and that's got to be the major push going not just through midterms but final two
10:33 am
years of the presidency. >> there are big make or break races on that front. cristal, since you have experience at the local level, let's look what the wall street journ journal had to say. in colorado where republicans are one seat away from the control of the senate, proposed limits on hydraulic fracturing could be reveiled, one seat could thwart the ban on same-sex marriage. in the iowa senate, expected to push income and corporate tax cuts. how much will the national landscape change if republicans get into power locally? >> this is something democrats actually tend to be really bad at. we focus so much at the federal level because that's tends to be our ideology. we think of big sweeping changes but the fact of the matter is nothing is happening at the federal level. all of the action is at the state level. what we've seen already is when republicans take control of legislature as they did in north
10:34 am
carolina and virginia, you get extreme legislation and it looks very similar across the country because they in fact koord nature a lot of the bills rolled out through the american legislative exchange council and other bodies. it's really important and i think democrats are just now starting to clue into the fact that we have got to pay more attention and spend more resources at the local and state level. >> and you know that's also incredibly important. look at the states you just mentioned, colorado, nevada, maine, et cetera. what do all of the states have in common? they are all battleground states, people are paying close attention because that will have long term implications. >> this would be a belweather. >> people have trouble getting the vote out in midterms. >> indeed. >> let's look at what some dems are doing in response. there's a lot of focus on the general election coming up. instead over the weekend tim cain endorsed hillary clinton
10:35 am
even though she hasn't announced her run. you have some virginia experience, i want your take, let's listen to that endorsement. >> >> i am ready for hillary. i signed onto the ready for hillary organization's effort on saturday at the breakfast they sponsored in south carolina and very excited about it. >> i'll give you 20 seconds, putting on a clock, what's her message? >> the message is she's has the best experience both domestically and internationally and she has the accumulated backbone wisdom, judgment scar tissue from a long period in public life to be the best president of the united states beginning in 2017. >> do you think it's a smart move for democratic candidates to focus on hillary clinton more? >> there are a lot of democrats who want to clear the field so they don't have a divisive primary. i personally think it would be good for the country and good for the party if we did have a real primary where you had
10:36 am
people pushing her to the left, candidates pushing her on issues, because she is likely if she doesn't face a lot of opposition to be a centrist candidate. >> wall street for instance. >> no one doubts she has great experience but it would be healthy to have a real debate in the primary. >> do you think the military will get behind her? >> i think it's very early to tell. military is skewed republican and skewed conservative. >> especially the officers, enlisted tend to be more democratic leaning. >> let's talk about more military issues coming up. that's why our panel is going to stick around for today's heroes and zeros. we're going to tackle military issue and the question, did joel mchale go too far in the white house correspondents dinner remarks? we consider the tragedy of comedy. don't go abay. peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business.
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we're back, wes moore and krystal ball. 5.6% of veterans are unemployed and washington and florida both passed bills that would award veterans instate tuition without any requirement for residency and a bill to make that policy nationwide is in the works. veterans are always our heroes but at the want to particularly highlight the heroism of those veterans struggling to find work in an unforgiving economy. take a look at the documentary. >> reporter: when chris phailin came back after serving ten years in iraq and afghanistan and africa, he thought that putting all of the war fare behind him was a good idea. he thought that what he needed was a regular 9:00 to 5:00 job.
10:41 am
>> i couldn't stand it really. stuck inside behind a desk and all of the people there were very nice, very understanding and i tried to make friends but i couldn't develop that same bond. it was like speaking a different language. >> he realized he needed a job that had some of the excitement and variety he grown accustomed to. maybe the lapd would be interested in a guy like him. >> what can the federal government do to better support these vets? >> i think there's a few things. one is i think we have to do a better job of getting a handle on the transition. once a person goes from the d.o.d. into the department va system that has not been a smooth transition. historically and when you think about these have been the longest wars in the nation's history and still have issues we saw in phoenix and that typed of thing become major issues on the psyche of the transition. >> many are suffering from ptsd
10:42 am
and have weight on their shoulders already? >> a lot do. you think about what it's like even for the simple transitions, things like integrating with your family or back into your community. all of these are things people don't think about often but are very real consequences for people who have been deployed. the other thing that the federal government can also do is as we're putting together big employment initiatives and we're going to earmark certain amount of jobs for vets, that's great and fantastic. but i think also we have too do a better job of understanding what's one of better skill traits,en tremendous prenewerialism. other wednesday was never going to be like tuesday. a lot of our actions were reacted contact, when you saw contact you had to quickly react and come up with a better direction. what's more entrepreneurial than that. the entrepreneurial spirit that they are bringing back could be huge. >> do you think it could ever
10:43 am
get legs? >> i think it could. we had a real bipartisan consensus on trying to do what's right for veterans as we place a heavy burden on a small portion of the population. i think documentaries like yours are so important to help share with the entire american public just what these men and women are going through. >> i'm looking forward to seeing it. for zeros, we're going to pose it as a question. washington is buzzing whether some of the punchlines at the white house correspondents dinner went too far. the president had great lines, particularly this one at the expense of house speaker john boehner. >> i'm feeling sorry, believe it or not for the speaker of the house as well. these days the house republicans actually give john boehner a harder time than they give me. which means orange really is the new black. >> oh, man. well, while the crowd went wild for that with mchale pointed
10:44 am
jabs at everyone, including this one new jersey governor chris christie. >> it's been a long night but i promise tonight will be both amusing and over quickly, just like chris christie's presidential bid. i got a lot of these tonight so buckle up, governor christie. excuse me, extender buckle up. all right. >> ooh, snap, i don't know about that one, fat joke at the end. he appeared to take it all in stride and told reporters that he found it really funnily and exactly what he expected. when i ran into him later he seemed in a fine spirit he was doing well. take a look at the pictures of that encounter, vanity fair and facebook managed to pony up the evidence -- joe and mika. but chris christie joined the fray and seemed to be doing well and said he's focusing on policies that matter back at home and liked the fact that sometimes we do cover education policies, not all about a
10:45 am
bridge. but also look at him. he looks great, fat jokes may be not merited even if they are not -- >> i think if you're going to be aggressive, you have to be clever. a chris christie fat joke at this point -- it's not smart and not really funny. to me it was over the line. i like the bit he did about bridge gate where he told a bad joke and he would have his commission investigate it and that i thought worked. >> i think all of this stuff is good for chris christie in many ways because when he -- as he's thinking about 2016, i think one thing he wants to do is a get all of the stuff out of the way and, b, the more that liberals do not like chris christie the better it helps out his prognosis for the primary election. >> he's doing exactly the right thing, strutting his stuff with a smile. let's say no fat jokes, we don't
10:46 am
like fat jokes here at "rfd". >> done with those. >> it's been a pleasure. next we have someone who is equally a pleasure. what you can do to get to house republicans on the critical issue of immigration with someone who is in the trenches on that. he's going to introduce this week's call to action for us. stay tuned. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can say, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours. the annual company retreat. planned, as usual, by this guy.
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welcome back. vice president joe biden may have missed this weekend's nerd prom but he was raising serious issues in south florida where he addressed graduates at miami dade and called for immigration reform, we have to act to take 11 million people out of the shadows and pointing out that quote, things are changing for the better. he was referring to a new law approved by the florida legislature granting instate tuition to children of some undocumented immigrants,
10:50 am
something former florida governor and potential 2016 contender jeb bush supports. he used the occasion writing florida succeeded in doing what the federal government failed d. take real steps to address our nation's serious immigration challenges. after the senate overwhelmingly passed immigration reform, house republicans have failed to act. why you ask? well, they have something the nonpartisan political -- an snebtive problem. that year the group analyzed that just 24 house republicans -- i'm sorry 24% of house republicans represent a district where the latino population is 25% or higher. as the window narrows for passing immigration reform before the midterm elections, will the republican-led house act? let's ask california congressman tony, the first latino elected to represent the san fernando valley in congress and wrote this op ed calling for urgently
10:51 am
needed fixes to our broken immigration system. thank you so much, sir, for joining. today vice president joe biden told speaker boehner "stand up to your base who poses immigration reform." what obstacles stand in the way of achieving that? >> the obstacle is having the debate on the floor, and, yes, it's speaker boehner who refuses to listen to the majority of his caucus and actually do the right thing and let's have the debate, let's have the vote on comprehensive immigration reform. i've tried to do that. i actually put an amend not in the budget committee, and it went down on bipartisan vote. 21 vnz voted no. 15 democrats voted yes. the budget chairman, paul ryan, voted no as well. >> if comprehensive reform doesn't happen, could the white house act yub laterally on this? is this a subject that's appropriate for executive action? >> the white house can only act in piecemeal, little tiny pieces. for example, when they talk about the dreamers, the president took action on that, but when you talk about unleashing our economy and helping 11 million people find a
10:52 am
place and come out of the shadows, only comprehensive immigration reform and only congress can do that. the senate did it. our house is unwilling to have the debate. our republican leadership is not willing to have the debate. >> at vice president's commencement speech in florida that we referred to, one person actually got up and yelled "stop the deportations." how big an issue is this for the administration? >> the deportations are at record numbers. george w. bush who in his own way tried to get the debate on presencive immigration reform to and through congress. it didn't happen. at the same time we have a president right now who is deporting at unprecedented numbers, and that's not helping our economy. that's hurting communities. american households and also undocumented households. >> all right. the head of loraza, the latino group, called him the deporter in chief. what do you think of that charge? >> i think she was angry and upset, and there's a lot of people who feel that way, but then again, i'm not an activist. i'm a legislator. i focus on what can i do as an elected official. i tried to get the first and got the first vote on comprehensive
10:53 am
immigration reform in our house, and it went down in a 21 republican no vote. then also i put an amendment into the rules committee, and i got to say the republican congresswoman latham from florida, put her vote where her rhetoric is. she says she shpts comprehensive immigration reform, and she was the only republican to vote yes. every chance that i get as a legislator, i'm going to do what i can to make sure we have a vote on comprehensive immigration reform, whether it's in a committee or it's in the budget process, and i hope and pray that we have it on the floor. if we have it on the floor, i think it passes. >> given the gridlock in washington over this and the inability of the white house to do much more just as a practical matter, then that piecemeal set of solutions you talked about, what role do you think states can play? >> well, states, again -- states can do piecemeal. states can go ahead and make sure that what they do at the local level with local law enforcement, like here in los angeles, they don't ask people for their papers. they'll ask you for your driver's license. they'll give you a ticket or what have you, but they won't be asking you like if they were a federal immigration officer.
10:54 am
>> all right. congressman tony, thank you so much for your time. thank you for your work on this issue. >> thank you. we've set up the problem. it's a big one. it matters for all of us, and for so many around the country. our call to action is seeking a solution this week. i believe immigration reform is critical because of those 11 million undocumented workers. they deserve not to be forced underground, and we all deserve the contribution they can make to the american economy. if you believe that is correct as i do, we want you to contact house leadership and tell them to put immigration reform on the agenda. we are providing a link to the house leadership page on our website. let us know why you think reform is important on twitter@ronandalily or on this is just a preview, if you will, to a spring of action that the latino group that we mentioned will launch later this week. we'll have full details and a _#on our website later today. watch that space. that wraps things up for today's edition of rfd. thank you for joining me.
10:55 am
you can catch my show week days at 1:00 p.m. eastern time here on msnbc. now it's time for "the reid report" with joy reid. what's coming up? >> well, we've got a lot of stuff going on, ronan, and great show. next coming up on "the reid report" more bloody clashes in ukraine, and it's another excuse for the president's critics to blast his foreign policy. we'll take a deep dive into that. then chilling new video from the leader of the islamic militant group that's claiming responsibility for the kidnapping of hundreds of nigerian school girls. plus, what's okay to say? snl's slavery jokes sparked outrage. "the reid report" starts just minutes from now. n, you turned up the fun. tylenol® provides strong pain relief while being gentle on your stomach. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. there are a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (husband) that's good to know.
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10:59 am
so usual suspects, which is only fueling attacks from the usual ones. >> in return for a handful of sanctions and really nothing more, look at what putin has gained. he is winning, and it is really one of the more disgraceful and shameful chapters in american history. >> yes, republicans are attacking the president's strategy on ukraine, syria, and elsewhere. no surprise there. so are some people who are usually more likely to support rather than criticize the commander in chief. we'll discuss which attacks are fair and which are just petty politics. later, cliven bundy, his friends in the cable news world may have abandoned the racist nevada rancher, but his militia supporters haven't. we'll have the latest on the groups camped out near the bundy ranch that just won't leave and could be risking a dangerous showdown. we'll also discuss the latest on the hundreds of kidnapped girls in nigeria.
11:00 am
tod today. we start with the harping that began about president obama's conduct of foreign policy. the complaints should be familiar by now. the president is weak and has failed to project american strength abroad. it comes after a brutal weekend in ukraine where russia's meddling is bringing it one step closer to civil war. ukraine yan officials say four officers are dead and at least 30 more were wounded today as the military attempts to retake a key city in the east from armed russian protesters. >> at least 40 pro-russia airborne separatists were killed there on friday. most of them burned alive. special forces are being moved to the area, which is the first outside the east to see a